September 9th

Marina Park, Thunder Bay. The entertainment at Colour Festival creates an atmosphere of joy and colour. From contemporary music to traditional dancing, you’ll be carried away in the celebration of life, music, and culture.


4:00 pm Inauguration Ceremony
4:15 pm Intro – Colour Throw
4:30 pm Fusion – Bharat Natyam | Dance – Malini
5.00 Colour Throw
5:05 pm Kirtan  Band
5.:30 pm Colour Throw
5.35 pm Srikalyogi Band (USA)
6:00 pm Colour Throw
6:05 pm Bhangra Dance
6:20 pm Kirtan Band
6:30 pm Colour Throw
6:35 pm Fusion Dance- Malini
7:00 pm Colour Throw